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    USB 3.0 Drivers

    USB 3.0 Drivers

    The USB 3.0 connector was designed to allow devices to be plugged and unplugged easily, allowing for easy and immediate recognition by the operating system. It should be understood that this will work well with USB 3.0 flash memory devices and other similar drives, but it may not be the case with other specialized devices. As indicated earlier, manufacturers of such devices will clearly instruct pre-installation of the device drivers before plugging in the actual device.

    The operating system, once it has detected an attached device, will load compatible drivers from its database. The problem comes in when the loaded drivers are generic and not the most updated device drivers for a particular peripheral. Certain features and functionality for that particular peripheral will be missing or will not function as prescribed, or in worst cases the peripheral will create internal conflicts within the system resulting in other USB 3.0 devices not registering or not being detected.

    In other cases, the bundled installation disc that comes with the peripheral or the device may not be fully compatible with the installed operating system in the computer, or the user updated the operating system but has not installed the compatible device drivers for their USB 3.0 devices resulting in an unusable device.

    Getting updated device drivers is essential when getting the correct performance and functionality from a USB 3.0 device. Most conflicts and problems associated with peripherals are due to driver problems. Resolve this without going through the tedious process of looking for drivers by using USB 3.0 drivers below.

    NEC USB 3.0 Host Controllers

    Fresco Logic USB 3.0 Controller Driver

    Renesas USB 3.0 Driver


    *All sources/products linked on this site are/may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies in the United States and/or other countries and/or protected by US and/or International laws. Some sources/products are alpha, beta, demo, trail, preview release, release candidate that not supported by their respective companies and this site, use on your own risk!

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